In a nod to The Talking Heads*, I DID ask myself - How did I get here?

I came to be a designer by first traveling down many other roads. I took the road called Engineering because I wanted to know how things work – things like music boxes and pop-up books. I was good with numbers because I could recognize patterns. And one of my favorite things in the world are Rube Goldberg devices.

I crossed the road called Guide many times: when I worked at an answering service the first time I went to college, as a parent, as a tutor, when working in the school library or as a teacher’s assistant. I love sharing what I know to help people learn and become informed.

The road called Beadweaving Artist called to me because of my love of texture and my need to create. It taught me to combine the technical with the aesthetic. I discovered that constraints put on me could actually aid in my creativity – that they became a problem or a puzzle to solve. I found that I enjoy working with small details that others see to be tedious.

There was also one big red flag that I missed early on – when I was an engineer I bought four or five books about logos for no particular reason other than I was attracted to them.

So after looking back at my travels it finally became clear that the best road for me to be on is the road marked Graphic Communicator. Working with layout and color and type to communicate an idea or share information takes me where I want to go. Getting every detail right makes me happy.

~Tracy Sherwood, October 2012      [click to view resume]

* Once in a Lifetime by The Talking Heads