artist statement

I am curious. I love fonts. I appreciate excellent thinking. Can these three traits contribute to being a great designer?

Because I’m curious, researching the topic I’ll be working with is a guilty pleasure for me. I get to learn about the world around me as part of my job. How lucky am I?

I could spend (and have spent) hours browsing through fonts. It’s like meeting new people at a party and networking. I’ve met some unusual characters that I could never imagine working with, but if I appreciate their uniqueness I end up finding a project where they are the perfect collaborator. I love discovering the personality of a font and putting it to good use.

I get a thrill from cleverness, especially a well thought out logo. When I see one the concept seems obvious, but I know it took some serious brainstorming and sketching and daydreaming to come up with. Clever logos are my golden ring on the carousel of design.

I draw from my life as part of my work process. My engineering background helps me with precise layout and interesting geometry. My association with education reminds me to be a clear communicator. My work as a bead artist influences my use of color, texture and contrast.

Gestalt is a concept used in successful design. It is defined as “a set regarded as whole: a set of things such as a person’s thoughts and experiences considered as a whole and regarded as amounting to more than the sum of its parts”. My hope is that my personal Gestalt aids my use of Gestalt in design.

~Tracy Sherwood, October 2012